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2012 Newport Beach Film Festival

Behind the Orange Curtain is a full feature documentary that explores the Rx drug problem in affluent Orange County, California.  Hundreds of young men and women have passed away over the last two years from prescription drug abuse, overdose and death.  Many of these individuals have turned to heroin because it produces the same high but for a fraction of the cost.

Directed by Brent Huff, this feature discusses the this issue with such noted individuals as Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack, the Orange County Coronor’s office, The DEA, and interventionists.

Many of these young people came from good homes, went to good schools and their parents did what they could to give them every opportunity to have a leg up on life.  Somewhere their life took a turn and they made one bad choice.

The road to recovery with opiates is difficult.  Many do not succeed.  Those that do have a life-long battle with sobriety and recovery.

Rx drugs do not descriminate.   This is an epidemic not only in idyllic Orange County, in every city, in every county, across America.  Rx drugs do not care what social class you come from.  They don’t care if you live on Park Avenue or the Park Bench.  No one is exempt.

Purchase tickets early as there is a demand tickets for this screening.  The festival will offer a second screening date once May 2nd has been sold out.

If you have questions, you can call 949-609-1600 (The Performer’s Academy).
Ask for Natalie Costa – Exec. Producer of the film.