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New York, NY – April 23, 2013Behind the Orange Curtain, the award-winning documentary directed by Brent Huff chronicling the prescription drug epidemic that is currently plaguing our nation will be available today, April 23rd, on iTunes and Amazon Instant View via digital entertainment curator FilmBuff.


The eye-opening film dives into the idyllic lifestyle of Orange County, California, typically known for its affluent lifestyle with tree lined streets, gated communities, blue ribbon schools, mega churches and the nation’s first “real housewives.”


But behind that sun-drenched facade is a real problem hitting not only Orange County, but every county in America….prescription drug abuse.  OxyContin, Vicoden, Xanax and Opana are the recreational drugs of choice and they come with stiff consequences: addiction or death.


The statistics are staggering.  Currently in America we lose one person every 24 minutes to a prescription drug overdose.  Children as young as 12 begin experimenting with prescription drugs right out of their home medicine cabinets.  The pharmaceutical industry is pumping out opiates and profiting billions of dollars each year on OxyContin alone.  Dirty doctors are preying on people who have developed a physical and/or recreational need for these medications and will pay cash for prescriptions.  One doctor featured in the film is under arrest and charged with murder of three young men after writing 27,000 prescriptions for opiates in three years.


The documentary shares the personal stories of families who lived through the perils of the disease of addiction.  Some families are emotionally and financially bankrupt from the cost of multiple rehabs, bail, lawyers and even funerals.  Even more alarming is the speed at which prescription drug happens and the switch to heroin becomes the natural progression due to the substantially lower cost and same high.


Behind the Orange Curtain is a wakeup call for parents.  This is a very real epidemic that crosses all boundaries.  It does not discriminate.  It does not matter if you live on Park Avenue or the park bench.  Using prescription drugs for anything other than their intended use can have serious life threatening consequences.


The documentary was conceived by producer Natalie Costa after her daughter lost a childhood friend at the age of 17 from an overdose of Opana.  Costa has been screening the film to schools, church groups, hospitals and gatherings locally and across the country in order to bring awareness to this epidemic.  The film has won several festival awards including the Newport Beach Filmmaker’s Award, and “The Best Documentary Feature” at the 2012 Metropolitan Film Festival in NYC.


“Many parents are sympathetic to the fact that a parent lost her child.  But they need to realize that this could easily happen to their own child.  We are witnessing opiate and heroin addiction in kids from good families who simply one day made one bad choice.  They have no clue how addictive and deadly these medications are how drastically their lives will change forever by starting with that one little pill. If we can do anything with this documentary it is to get the message across that this is a very real epidemic that could affect you and your family. We want this to be an awareness call and a call to action.  In the time it takes to watch this film we will lose almost 4 lives to prescription drugs.  We cannot stay quiet about this problem.  It’s affecting too many people” says Costa.


Behind the Orange Curtain is available on iTunes and Amazon Instant View today, April 23, 2013.



For more information contact:


Natalie Costa

Behind the Orange Curtain

24310 Moulton Parkway, Suite O

Laguna Woods, CA  92637


1-855-PillsKill or 949-609-1600