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Dr. Tseng Sheds Tears – Give me a break.

Dr. Lisa Tseng, Roland Heights, CA – weeps at her arraignment hearing in Los Angeles on March 15, 2012.  Judge denied bail.  She is charged with second degree murder for 3 young men.  Charges for several other deaths are pending.

Dr. Lisa Teng Shed Tears.

There are three confirmed deaths due to her reckless prescribing of addicting drugs such as OxyContin, Opana, Xanax, and more. She told a parent – face to face – that it’s not her problem.

She can’t control how the medication is taken after she prescribes these drugs.

Dr. Tseng has written over 27,000 prescriptions in the past three years.

She maintains that she is not guilty.

Shed your tears Dr. Tseng.
Tears, for what?
Sorry your life has been turned upside down.
Afraid of the unknown?
Fear of spending the rest of your life in an orange jumpsuit
in a cement cell with iron bars?
Tears for the stupid choice you made to recklessly
prescribe pills – because you could. 
Tears for the lives that were lost because
of your swift and mighty pen? 
Brace yourself. 
You have not yet begun to feel
the wrath of your actions. 
May God help you.
Natalie Costa